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Registration Process Management

Registration Process Management

Companies are required to register substances at the end of the transition period (Registration Deadline), which may in most cases be dependent on the quantity of substances being placed in the local market. The principle of “no-data, no-market”applies in most regulations. To maintain compliance and to continue to do business in a country or region, substance registration is a key requirement.

GPC can manage entire Registration Processes, and this includes:
• Consortia communication (SIEF, CICO, etc.)
• New and existing (Phase-in) substance registration
• Inquiry Dossier Preparation
• Substance Sameness & Identification
• Member dossier preparation
• Technical dossier preparation (robust study summary)
• Opt-out (from joint submission) justification and dossier preparation
• Chemical Safety Assessment
• Submission of Registration to the IT system

Member/Individual Dossier
Develop Full Technical Dossier
Chemical Safety Assessment

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