Norway REACH

Norwegian Chemical Regulation

Norway REACH

Norway REACH

What is Norway REACH?

Producers and importers of hazardous substances and mixtures to the Norwegian market have to follow the Regulations on declaration of chemicals to the product register (declaration regulations), enforced on June 1, 2015. Applicants need to submit information to Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) before they place the products. Applicants also have the duty to notify (PCN) to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).

Registration Requirements

Businesses producing or importing 100 kg or more of a chemical substance are to declare their products, where the registration must take place by the latest when manufacture, market placement, or professional use begins in Norway. 

Companies need to provide the following information for registration: 

  • Company information
  • unambiguous chemical name for all chemical substances in the substance mixture; 
  • CAS no. and EC No.; 
  • code for hazard class and hazard category as well as code for hazard statements according to CLP; 
  • the amount of each component expressed as % weight. 

The annual deadline for the quantities report is May 20, 2022, applicants need to report annual quantities of chemicals processed the previous year, including chemicals discontinued during the previous year. 

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Norway REACH

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